Русские Оригинальные Напитки - STARTEGY


“Original Russian beverages” is a Russian company with the main purpose of searching for, preserving, re-creating and popularizing traditions of national Russian drinks consumption.

The mission of the company is to form a full range of traditional Russian beverages, to create a reputation and a high status of the category throughout the world as well as to change the attitude of Russian consumers to strong alcohol via increasing the cultural level of strong drinks consumption.

Nowadays “Original Russian beverages” owns not only the biggest in Russia, but also a unique library of recipes of various beverages created and constantly enriched during non-stop searches both in archives and via expeditions to the depth of the country.

The company sees itself not only as a classifier and a keeper of a part of Russian culinary and cultural inheritance, but also as a creator of trends in the niche of traditional Russian grain distillates formed by the company.