Русские Оригинальные Напитки - ABOUT PROJECT


I am glad to meet you on the website of the group of companies “Original Russian beverages”!
“Original Russian beverages” is, first of all, a team of people that creates brands, develops recipes, organizes production and sales of the full variety of Russian traditional drinks both in Russia and abroad. 
The key product of our range is classical grain distillates made of traditionally Russian kinds of grain – rye, wheat, oat and barley. Blends and matured beverages are created on their basis.
All our developments and achievements are reached through the careful studies of historical and literature sources, but primarily it is a result of our communication with a large number of citizens of our huge country we come across during ethnographic expeditions throughout Russia. Learning customs, traditions and tastes allowed us to form a whole niche: from traditional and well-known Russian liqueurs and infusions to innovative products. And re-created technologies enable production of beverages that comply with the ancient traditions of taste and quality.
When we offered people to try beverages that are traditional for our country, appealed to historical traditions of their consumption, we aimed at forming a new attitude in Russian people towards strong alcohol. We also want to return grain distillates to the modern Russian generation, grain wine as a national alcoholic product and direct people to consume it by little amounts without cooling, together with the meals of the Russian nations’ cuisine. We believe that forming new habits of consumption of alcohol will lead to a healthier, more successful nation of the future, and as a result a flourishing country, and besides we will change the attitude of people coming from other countries both to Russian alcohol and to the Russian nation as a whole.

Sergey Chemerisov,
the founder and the chairman of the board of directors of the “Original Russian beverages” company.