Русские Оригинальные Напитки - Uchan Su

Uchan Su

“Uchan Su” is the first Crimean grape vodka on the Russian market. It is produced on one of the oldest enterprises of Crimea.

Beverages of Crimean manufacturers we got used to throughout the years have become widely presented on the Russian market again. In our pursuit to provide Russian people with a high-quality product, we turned to the oldest Crimean manufacturer, plant “Mugliv”, and released a new alcoholic beverage – Crimean grape vodka “Uchan Su”.

Longtime winemaking traditions of Crimea are largely well-known making up its deserved glory. Paying tribute to these traditions, we tried to create a beverage with its own peculiar taste. The name of this beverage can be translated as “flying water” and is connected with an ancient legend about a beauty kidnapped by a demon, but rescued. Uchan-Su is the highest European waterfall. Power and might together with freshness and mildness are the distinguishing features of the Crimean grape vodka “Uchan Su”.