Русские Оригинальные Напитки - Troitsa


“Troitsa” is a new reading of Russian strong alcohol. “Trinity” is a reflection of many-sided Russian soul as well as an emphasis on the advantages of the national cuisine in the whole of its diversity.

A triple alliance or an alliance of three has been honored as a symbol of stability and balance since the ancient times, and legends and myths named this alliance sacred long before our days.

Troitsa” unites three most traditional historical Russian grains – wheat, rye and oat. These very grains made up the basis of a Russian diet.

Troitsa” is a reflection of multi-sided Russian soul combining cultural, culinary and original traditions of our land. “Troitsa” excellently combines with the national cuisine adding sophisticated simplicity and plainness, which are so valued in Russia. Some people call it warm-heartedness.

Blend: rye-wheat-oat

Volume: 0.7 l

Strength: 40 % vol.