Русские Оригинальные Напитки - Dobroyagoda


“Dobroyagoda” is a series of liqueurs on the basis of morses from juices of traditional natural Russian berries that are infused with fresh Russian herbs on high-quality spirits for over a month. Re-created technologies allow to produce beverages fully in compliance with the ancient traditions of taste and quality.

Liqueurs are called Russian. Having no strong alcoholic concentration, a liqueur nevertheless can improve mood. Liqueurs were used among ordinary people not only as a treat for a festive table, but also as a healing potion for a number of diseases. They were also an excellent gift from Russian tsars to their overseas colleagues. Following our best traditions, “Original Russian beverages” created a series of liqueurs not only for consumption inside the country, but also for export.

The site of “Dobroyagoda” production is an ancient Russian city Novgorod the Great, which served as a connecting spot between middle-aged Europe and Russia throughout several centuries, a kind of a “window” to Europe and the centre of international integration and trade. It is the place where production based on the ancient traditions of classical Russian liqueurs manufacture is located.