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  • Derevenski samogon

    “Derevenski samogon” is an international brand that revives traditions of production of Russian grain distillates.
    Derevenski samogon
  • Karavaj

    “Karavaj” is a unique blend combining a bright bread flavor of grain distillates and familiar softness and easiness of consumption characteristic of the best samples of classical vodka.
  • Troitsa

    “Troitsa” is a new reading of Russian strong alcohol. “Trinity” is a reflection of many-sided Russian soul as well as an emphasis on the advantages of the national cuisine in the whole of its diversity.
  • Uchan Su

    “Uchan Su” is the first Crimean grape vodka on the Russian market. It is produced on one of the oldest enterprises of Crimea.
    Uchan Su
  • Dobroyagoda

    “Dobroyagoda” is a series of liqueurs on the basis of morses from juices of traditional natural Russian berries that are infused with fresh Russian herbs on high-quality spirits for over a month. Re-created technologies allow to produce beverages fully in compliance with the ancient traditions of taste and quality.
04 апр

Клуб РОН предложил обед московского мещанина 19 века [Ожидает перевода]

31 марта в московском ресторане «Закусочная «БуровЪ и сова» состоялся «Обед московского мещанина XIX века».

29 мар

Открытие клуба РОН [Ожидает перевода]

Компания «Русские оригинальные напитки» создала собственный клуб любителей русских напитков.